Telebox Mod APK v1.40.01 (Premium Unlocked)

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Telebox Mod APK is a cloud storage app that can save your data. The developer has developed this app to address the increasing storage problem. You can save many of your media files in this app. Apart from this, you can also share the media file with any other person from here.

We all know that keeping all the media files on the phone is tough, and in such a situation, you people also use SD cards. However, due to the use of an SD card, the phone becomes slow. I suggest downloading this app if you do not want to use an SD card on your phone.


After downloading its modified version, you can get unlimited storage for free and save all your data in it. In this, you get the feature to store the file and access it from multiple devices. You can access your files from any device.

About the Telebox: Linkbox Cloud Storage

If you are troubled by your phone’s storage and want more, download this Telebox: Linkbox Cloud Storage app. After downloading this app, you will not need an SD card to increase the storage, and you can use the storage of this app for free and save your photos and videos here. This app has a very fast downloading and uploading speed.

Telebox mod apk

You can create an access link to any file and share it with friends and family. Anyone can access your media file through that link. Friends, I suggest you not share private videos or photos here using this app. Because it is cloud storage and not safe from your phone, you should only save private videos or pictures in your phone’s storage.

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You can share any documents, movies, or web series here. It is a secure cloud storage, but not as fast as your phone’s storage. You can access this storage from anywhere and on any device. You will have to create your login ID and password here.

Features of Telebox Mod APK

Users can install and keep even the most extensive files in this Telebox Mod APK. Here, you will be able to transfer any big file quickly. For example, if you have a 1GB file and want to share it with your cloud storage, you will get a fast upload speed. With that good uploading speed, you can quickly transfer your files to this cloud storage.

Telebox app

Store file

As I have told you, you can store as much of your data as possible in this app. If you download its modified version, you do not need to buy storage and can use this app’s unlimited storage for free. If you download its official version, you also get good storage at a low price.

Multi-device access

Before entering this app, you have to create your login ID and password. You can log in to any device with that login ID and access your photos and videos from any device. This is a beautiful app. Your data remains very safe in this app; apart from this, if your phone is ever lost, you can easily access your data from any other device. And your data is saved from loss.

File search and management

You can easily search your file through this app. Apart from this, you can easily keep your files in different folders, making it easier to manage them, and you can search them very quickly. This is a perfect app, and many premium features are also available. You can use this app anytime and anywhere. It is a very secure app to store data.


The user will get many features related to safety in this app and you can easily use this app in high quality. A secure and 100% encrypted cloud storage is available in this app. You can save and access your data in this cloud storage from multiple devices. You can also create a link to any of your photos, videos, or media files.

How to Download Telebox Premium Mod APK

If you also need more storage and want to choose secure storage, I recommend downloading this Telebox Premium mod app. You are given very fast and 100% encrypted cloud storage. After downloading the modified version of this app, you can use unlimited cloud storage for free. To download the revised version of this app, you have to click on the download button.

Telebox Mod APK FAQs

Can I use Telebox Mod APK cloud storage for free

By downloading this app from our website, the user gets unlimited cloud storage for free.

Is it safe to download the Telebox app?

Yes, downloading this app is very safe and you can easily download its premium version for free from this website.

Final Words

We all know that the quality of smartphone cameras has become very high now, and the storage problem remains in all devices. If you are an Android user with storage problems, I suggest downloading this app. After downloading this app, your storage problem will be solved permanently. You can download its modified version.

Download Telebox Mod APK v1.40.01 (Premium Unlocked)

Download (56MB)

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