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Hungry Shark Mod APK Starving shark and tires her starvation in numerous ways. Eat angels and attack individuals, collect coins, and perform day-by-day assignments that will permit you to find more modern species of sharks, travel to a vast and open sea, explore for nourishment, and appreciate the quality and excellent illustrations of the game. The more profoundly you swim, the more generation you may get, but watch out since the ocean is full of other predators who don’t get to be supper for somebody.

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Hungry Shark

It’s supper time, and your games are getting ready. Explore the ocean and direct your enormous sharks to consume anything. You will encounter bizarre yet intriguing gameplay as you accompany your favorite sharks on their excursions. Collect fresh sharks and train them to become strong predators. Please read our reviews to learn more about this excellent arcade game from Ubisoft Entertainment.

Hungry Shark Mod Apk

Hungry Shark Evolution transports you to the deep sea. Control your ravenous shark and consume everything in its path. It’s a mysterious and exciting voyage beneath the waves, and you could even encounter some old sea monsters. There will be no space for weakness or kindness in the enormous ocean. If you don’t assist your shark in performing the complete sweep possible, it will hunger and perish. Your game also obtains a failure result at this stage.

About the Hungry Shark

Ubisoft created Hungry Shark Mod APK. For a long time, the game has been accessible for iOS and Android operating systems and has a position in the global gaming industry. After nearly seven years, the game has over a million downloads on the game and an excellent rating of 4.5 / 5.

Hungry Shark

This videogame has a pretty basic and cooperative gameplay in which you control your large sharks as they explore the ocean floor. Eat everything within your path and try to remain alive as long as you can till your hunger level hits its peak. Collect enough food for your sharks to grow into different forms and acquire new abilities. Bring your sharks to the shore and enjoy them with everyone.

Features of Hungry Shark Mod Apk

Some Significant Hungry Shark Mod Apk features are shown below:

Unlimited Money

In the game, there are two forms of money. It is made of gold and gemstones. Each coin has its influence, and starting with a considerable amount of money will allow you to upgrade many unique items in this game easily.

Earn prizes

The game presents players with thrilling events in which they can win expensive rewards. Participate in a variety of daily in-game activities to amass more powerful sharks. Furthermore, simply playing the game will earn you your daily prizes.

Without Internet

Hungry Shark Revolution offers quick and easy gameplay that you’ll enjoy anytime you want for individuals who enjoy playing mobile games during their everyday commutes or in their spare time. You may also engage in the game entirely offline. When your Internet connection is restored, your saved files will be instantly transferred to your Gmail Account.


Many sharks in the previous edition have been corrected and strengthened. This season’s Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival will be significantly altered by the addition of powerful new creatures Shar-khan, Abyssaurus Rex, and Aaron the Destruktor.


The game boasts stunning 3D visuals that immerse players in a realistic and precise underwater environment. Play as your legendary sharks and blast dazzling laser beams at your opponents.


Enjoy addicting gameplay with significant sound effects and on-theme music while swimming and eating all you want.

Download Hungry Shark Mod Apk

The Revolution is a fantastic game for anybody searching for a casual gameplay experience on their mobile device. The Hungry Shark Mod Apk Evolution has unusual and addicting gameplay. You must gather food and scores in this game.

Hungry Shark

There are much better fish inside the deep ocean, but sharks cannot live in deep water for long periods under extremely high pressures. The game may be performed in both missions and accessible settings, and you can play it to enjoy life on the sea.

Hungry Shark Mod APK FAQs

Can I play this game offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline.

Does this game require an account?

No, it does not require an account.

Is this game fun?

Yes, this game is fun once you start playing, you know.


Your role in the game Revolution remains the same: transforming into a deadly monster from the water to the land. It is represented in the several sorts of sharks that appear in the game, ranging from current to ancient ages. Furthermore, you uncover certain sharks that only exist in science fiction works and develop them into a terrible form. Money also improves their power, making them quicker and more robust.

Download Hungry Shark Mod APK v10.7.2 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)


Download (112MB)

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