How To Avoid Spoof Paytm Scam, Online payment transfer scam

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Spoof Paytm Scam 2023: You should read this information to avoid Frod if you transfer or take online payments. You will be able to avoid scams. If you accept online payment, be Paytm or Paytm via Phonepe, or make a lot of third-party applications through UPI, you should read this information.

As Spoof Paytm app is a clone version of Paytm. Which will ultimately see you a Paytm app like something if you want to take money from someone; Banda transfers money through online Paytm. You know this is Paytm, but that is not Paytm; it will share cash with you via the Paytm app.

Spoof Paytm Scam

You will give it a QR code; he will read the name in your QR CODE, type it in your Paytm app and transfer money to your mobile number. But no message will come to your Paytm app. Because it is Ford, you will be cheated and told a message will come later in your account. You will say, you will say, yes, never get to Mistake message, lays or leave. But you will discover that you have not made messages a few times later.

So there’s no message on your mobile, then you fall into tension and show the message to another; he transferred money through Paytm, then your friend or what you asked Banda would tell you right, yes, he has cheated. If your friend doesn’t even know, I tell you. This is going on a big fund. It is going on through the Paytm app, but all that is Fraud is not money going; this is a clone version of Paytm. In which you can send by typing money from your merit.

How to avoid being Scam by Spoof Paytm App

As I’ve also told you above, avoiding the Spoof Paytm app is very simple. If you pay money to someone, you should check on your mobile immediately whether there is money in your account or not; you give him a QR code, then on your account, he says that the money has been taken, then you should check on your mobile instantly in the Paytm app on the phone, google pay, there is lots of application in your account, check the balance in your account, then leave that off, because there is too much Fraud.

Note: spoof Paytm apk can get stuck in a fraud case if you want to use this app. So you never use this app; it’s a hazardous application because it works, and the scam is very wrong. Don’t treat anyone with you that it’s hurt in their heart. Meaning you can use it for an engagement if you have to use it, don’t transfer money to anyone, and don’t bother anyone.

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