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EasyTether Pro MOD APK connects the network between your Android and the computer; no root access is required here. It is free, but some downloading charges must be paid if the user downloads it from the Play Store. If you download its modified version from the website, all the features are free and can be used easily.

Friends, for a long time, people have used wifi to connect their computers to the Internet, but if you do not have wifi and want to connect your computer to the Internet, that too with the help of your Android, then download this app for you. You will get many features here, connecting your computer to Android without any root.

EasyTether Pro Mod Apk

It is a modified version in which you have been provided with all the features for free; friends, we know about it very well, so for this, you will have a complete review. You do not get root access to connect the device without root. It is known that you can use it to connect to an Android Fire MacBook computer or laptop, which is an excellent advantage.

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About the EasyTether Pro

In this, you get Bluetooth, the train, which easily connects your device to the computer and gives a good internet speed, even if the slow pace is coming in your device. Still, on your laptop, Speed ​​will come, and it will go very well because a speed booster is also available here, which boosts the Speed of your computer.

If you want your computer to work very well and do not have any problems, then friends, I would like you to download this for yourself; here, you get many features and security features that are important for your computer. Make it very secure and provide high-speed Internet, which makes hours work in minutes. I hope you will download it.

EasyTether APK

Many people go online but do not have wifi facilities and need high-speed Internet, so they use many apps from where they can get high-speed Internet friends; they have to worry. There is no need; we always bring new and updated apps for you, making your work easier, so let us know how to make your job easier.

Features of EasyTether Pro Mod Apk

Here, EasyTether Pro Mod Apk has many features, such as connecting to the phone and sharing the Internet quickly so that the user can give Internet to the smartphone, tablet, or computer and get USB tethering. It can also be connected to a Linux Macbook Sub; if the user wants Bluetooth Theater in Windows, then the baby is available here. This type of root is not required, so you can understand how much help it is.

USB tethering

If the user does not know the meaning of USB tethering, then I will tell you that you can give Internet to your computer through a data cable; here, you have to plug a USB into your phone and turn on the Internet, your Android will be providing Internet for your computer which is called USB Tethering.

EasyTether APK Features

Bluetooth tethering

You can also share with the help of Bluetooth for the Internet; for this, you have to connect the Bluetooth and access the Internet for your computer. Macbook works on Linux and Windows; apart from this, the user can use a laptop or tablet for this. You can also use Bluetooth high-speed Internet from your phone to your computer.

Safe and secure interface

This is a city in which many security features have been given that make your phone very secure. Use this app by not using public wifi, which will be very good for you; also, good security is provided for you, which is helpful.

It does not require any root

In this, you do not need any root; you can run the Internet without any basis and get access to the Internet very well, so friends, download this app now and get your Internet quickly. Play that too for free, given to you on our website.

How to Download EasyTether Mod Apk

If the user is thinking about downloading this EasyTether Mod Apk, then here you get many ways to do it; the first way is that the user can download it from APKPure.co.in, where the downloading fee will have to be paid, which becomes a very costly for you if you want to download it for free.

You can download it on our website, where you will get its free and modified version, which provides you many features for free, so friends, download it on our website and enjoy the free part. If you have a laptop or computer, you must download it; it will benefit you.

EasyTether Pro Apk FAQs

Can I use this app on an Android device?

Yes, you use this app on an Android device.

Is this a safe app?

Yes, it is a safe and secure app.

How do I update this app?

Visit our website, read the downloading process, and download the latest version.

Final words

I hope you have liked one; you can connect the Internet from an Android to a laptop computer for free and get many connecting features like USB, Bluetooth, and many more features. Apart from this, the user does not require any root.

Download EasyTether Pro Mod APK v1.1.20 (ads-free)

Download (158KB)

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