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Easy Share Mod Apk works to transfer all your files from phone to phone or from phone to computer for documents and PDFs; through this app, the user can transfer files very fast from one device to another without any internet and wire.

Friends, today, the world has become so digital that we keep most of the things saved in our phones; whether it is a file or any of our personal or private videos, we keep all items in the phone. So friends, sometimes we keep these things we want to transfer from one device to another.

Easy Share Mod Apk

In such a situation, many options for you can transfer video or any file from one device to another. Still, friends, in many options, you require the internet, so people do not suggest them and use any offline app so that they can transfer files without the help of the internet.

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About the EasyShare

In this EasyShare app, you get breakneck offline speed. If you transfer a video from one phone to another, a 480 MB per second speed is quickly available to the user. You can share your video on another phone. You do not need any internet, which is the best advantage.

Looking at today’s time, it is beneficial for you. Many people use Share It or other platforms, but friends, let us tell you it is a Chinese app now banned in India because it is your privacy. It is a leak for which the Government of India has now banned and demanded the developer make a secure app for the user.

Easy Share APK

After following the order of the government of India, our developer has created many apps that are entirely Indian, and there is no threat to your privacy, so you can download them without any security risk and keep them on your phone. Friends, all these apps are Indian and managed by Indian companies, so that you can download them without worry.

Features of Easy Share MOD APK

In this Easy Share Mod Apk, you get all features offline, like transferring any file quickly. Besides this, users can also clone the phone. Here, you get the features of cleaning the phone cross-platform. They are so you can send files from Android to Windows; you do not need the internet to send them.

Features of Easy Share MOD APK

Ultra-fast speed

A long time ago, we used Bluetooth to transfer any file. At that time, friends’ files used to be much less MB, but as the quality of the video got better, the rate of the files also increased, and today, the files are in GB. That’s why it becomes challenging to transfer them, so we have given you ultra-fast transfer at a breakneck speed.

Phone clone

When you transfer a file, after that, you close it for the app, but friends, according to you, the app is closed, but I am not entirely closed now. To complete it, you need to use a cleaner. If required, you do not have to worry if your phone has no cleaner; we have also installed a cleaner here.

Cross platforms transfer

To understand this feature, you have to realize that when transferring data from Android to Windows, we call it cross-platform, so if you are sharing data in a cross-platform form, then Not all apps support this. Still, ours will allow you to transfer data across platforms quickly.

Easy Share MOD APK 2023

No internet required

If the user thinks that they will need the internet to use this app or we will be able to share their files through you are the wrong friend, you get to use it offline, and you can share all your files. It can quickly transfer from one device to another without the help of any internet.

How to Download Easy Share Premium MOD APK

So far, these crores of people have downloaded Easy Share Premium MOD APK; here, you are given a good security facility, so you do not have any problems. If we talk about the extra features of this app, you should download our mod version. You will get all these features in the official version, but you have more advanced features in the mod version.

Our developer updated it on 18th December 2022, and we discussed its release date. This app was released on 30th June 2016, is liked by crores of people, and has 50 crore views. If there are active downloaders of the app, then friends, you can understand how popular it is and how much people trust it.

EasyShare Pro APK FAQs

Can I use this app on an Android device?

Yes, You can use this app on an Android device.

Can I transfer all files from this app?

Yes, you transfer all files from this app.

How do I update this app?

Visit our website and download the latest version, a new update.

Final words

I hope you have liked our review; here, we have shared the file transfer app so that you can share the file cross-platform so that friends can download it and you can transfer files offline, which is also a straightforward app and can be used on any Android.

Download Easy Share Mod APK v1.3.18 (Premium Unlocked)

Download (2MB)

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