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Blink Mod Apk is a video editor app; through this app, you can easily edit high-quality videos. In this app, users will get features like AI Captions, a Dedicated Translator, a Video Script Writer, an Auto-Generated Title, Edit Videos via Tex and a Real-Time Background Changer. It is a very safe and secure video editor app and you can edit videos for free.

It is a good video editing application; through it, you can edit high-quality, high-free. Through this app, you will be able to edit videos through text. You can tell Artificial Intelligence what kind of video you want to edit; after that, it will automatically edit your video in this way. It is a very high-quality video editor. In this, you also get the features of changing the background.


You can easily edit your video with emoji, GIFs, and sound effects. An artificial intelligence noise reducer is also available here to reduce the sounds coming in the background. You also get to write thousands of filter effects and captions in this. You can use artificial Intelligence to help give a good caption in the video.

About the Blink Mod Apk

Now, video editing has become very easy. You do not need to edit the video or even write a script before creating the video because you can get a good script written by telling the artificial Intelligence present in your video topic. It provides a very compelling script by writing it on your subject. Apart from this, you can also translate your voice through the Artificial Intelligence Translator.


Powerful Artificial Intelligence like GPT is available in it, which completes your script quickly. Along with writing the script, you can generate titles through this application. In this, you get features like changing the background, reducing the sound, and many more. You can make your video very effective with high-quality filters.

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Blink AI released this app for Talking Videos on 28 February 2023. You can easily download it in 111-megabyte size. Its newest and unique version has come on 5 February 2024, which you will download from this website. You can download this application only on Android. From here, you can create compelling videos and upload them to different social media platforms.

Features of Blink Mod Apk

Many good features are available in Blink Mod APK; apart from this, you can change the background, edit the video, and quickly generate your title through Artificial Intelligence. In this, you also get the features of developing captions and making emoji, sound effects, or stickers. You can edit any video in high quality as per your choice.


Automated, Stylish Captions & Subtitles

In this, you get many features like creating captions and generating subtitles. You can quickly generate captions for your videos through this application and produce high-quality videos. It is a powerful video editor application. It is essential to download and install it. You can customize it as per your choice.

Write Video Scripts

You will not need a script writer to write the video’s script. Users can quickly get a good script written by telling the topic to the Artificial Intelligence present in it. Blink is a compelling artificial intelligence capable of writing a good video script on any subject. It is a powerful, high-quality video editor.

Edit Videos via Text

You can easily edit your high-quality video through artificial Intelligence with this application. To edit the video through this application, you have to tell it what kind of video you want to edit; after that, it will edit the video as per your choice in a very short time. After editing the video, you can easily share it on different social media platforms.

Real-Time Background Changer

You can download this app to change the background or remove the background in the video. The background can be removed quickly, and a new one can be placed. Artificial Intelligence removes the background very quickly.

How to Download Blink Premium Mod APK

If you want to download this Blink Premium Mod Apk, then first of all, you have to click on the download button. This is a compelling video editor application; any video can be easily edited. Along with editing the video, you can also get the script written through it. It lets you write high-quality video scripts. A powerful artificial intelligence is available in it, which is very good.

Blink Mod APK FAQs

Can I download the Blink app for free?

You can easily download this application for free; it is very safe and high-quality.

Is it safe to download the Blink app?

Yes, downloading this app is very safe, and it is a powerful application. You can edit the video as per your choice. It is a free video editor.

Final words

Anyone who likes our information can share it with their family and friends. This is a very high-quality, straightforward application to download and install. Many people have downloaded this app. I would recommend that you download its latest version. You will also get many high-quality premium features in it.

Download Blink Mod APK v3.0.1 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Download (102MB)

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